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Dive fearlessly into cryptocurrency trading with our high profitable trading presets, for both amateurs and experts.
Trading made simple, trade fully automatic. Start within a few clicks.

How VIP can empower your trading pursuits

With our award-winning AI-driven trading algorithms, anyone from anywhere on the world can now make the most of the high volatility market. Let our trading algorithms do all the work for you.

VIP enabling smart & secure algorithmic trading

We have a steady and safe connect with our expert traders, we integrate with the traders either directly or via their supported OMS to provide high profitable trades for all of our clients.

  • done No Knowledge Required

    Our platform is suitable for everyone, no coding required and no trading knowledge is required to trade using VIP.

  • done Premium Strategies

    With our carefully curated trading presets, you get the chance to hit the home run in the market.

  • done Revenue Share

    Creating an account and deploying bots are completely free of charge! VIP only takes a small fee of 2% of each successful trade this way you're always at profit!

  • done Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

    Load your VIP wallet balance in matter of minutes using Metamask, WalletConnect or sending through your prefered wallet or exchange.
    Withdraw your funds and or profits from your bot to your preferred wallet or exchange.

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Trade like an expert in matter of seconds

Made for anyone. Our presets take the complexity out of trading.

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On our all-inclusive high profitable trading platform by signing up and logging in to your VIP account.

Deposit Your Investment

To create a bot you'll have to first deposit funds to your VIP wallet.

Create Your First Bot

Pick a name for your bot and choose from our rich pool of trading presets developed by top traders in the industry.

Trading Is Just A Click Away

With everything set, as per your comfort and liking, you can now kickstart your trading journey. Enjoy the benefits of a highly profitable & automated ecosystem from anywhere in the world.

Any city, any country, any device

Why spend years trying to understand the complexities of trading when our readymade trading presets can do the same for you in seconds?

Trade 24/7 on autopilot

Save time and effort, never miss out on a trading oppurtunity. Let our algorithm do all the work for you while you reap the gains.

Beat the market

Clear out losses and maximize your profits, trade like an expert and be the first one to buy or sell in market movements.

With VIP you get...

Real Trading

Algo-driven trading bots, immune to emotional decision-making, highly disciplined & rewarding trading strategies.


Zero-Risk Strategy

Use our "Safe" setting while creating a bot to make sure the algorithm skips any risky trade, thus ensuring that the bot only makes profitable trades.


High Profitable Presets

See live data performance and historic data for each preset. Get an honest picture of any preset's real profitability.


Win-Win Situation

Only pay when you make a successful trade! Our platform only takes a small fee of 2% of each profitable trade.


No Risk of Fraud

All mirror trading connections are established and managed on the VIP platform. Trades are executed automatically and are restrictred from being moved. Thus, there is zero risk your funds will be stolen.


Instant Transactions

Deposit and withdraw from and to your wallet instantly. Never wait to receive your payouts!


Trusted by over 50K+ real users that are building financial independence the smarter way.

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10M$+ Monthly Profit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your profits will depend on the risk strategy and preset you choose when configuring your bot. To get an estimation login and view the last section on the create bot page.

VIP takes a small commission of 2% of each successful trade.

Keeping your bot on safe mode ensures that the bot prevents any risky trade therefore stopping all trades that would result into a loss.

Setting up your own trading bot on VIP is easier then creating a new e-mail account. Create your account and launch your bot within minutes.

Create your account here for free. Verify your e-mail and head over to the Help page to learn more about creating a bot.

Creating an account and bots are completely free of charge, you only pay a small fee of 2% when you make a successful trade. We always ensure that you're always at profit.

After creating a bot it'll take 15 minutes to deploy and after that you'll start trading right away for profits. The bot will listen to trades from our server and execute profitable trades right away!

Login to your account and select the bot you wish to withdraw from, click the withdraw icon and fill in the amount you'd like to withdraw. You can then request a payout to your preferred wallet or exchange instantly.

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